80V E-Liquid








We carry three great flavors of 80V E-Liquid in 60ml bottles. 

Nic Levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG

Souly Cannoli

80V - Souly Cannoli E-LiquidImagine the essence of Soul (bourbon, pecans and custard) with the body of Cannoli (cream, pastry and bakery spice) with a delicious back-note of ladyfingers dipped in a caramel latte.

Honey Mellow

80V - Honey Mellow E-LiquidHoney nut cereal and marshmallow smashed with the slightest amount of golden graham cracker with the tiniest hint of a ripe banana (some taste it - some don't). 

Bean Bags

80V - Bean Bags E-LiquidBean Bags is a warm, flaky pastry filled with sweet milk icing, and coated with fruity, crunchy cereal.